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We produce plastic components using thermoplastic injection molding processes, whether you need a single part or assembled components. Would you like a full-service package? If so, we will also take care of assembly and packaging for you. We work quickly and always at the same level with you, our customer. Your personal contact is always at your side to ensure that you have complete transparency at all times.

Select your requirement area from the three options below and contact us, using our convenient request form. Of course, you can call us or send us an email at any time as well.


New development in accordance with your requirements

You need a new component or a new assembly – we will develop it efficiently and perfect it at the same time!

As soon as we receive your request, we immediately take care of the in-house feasibility analysis. We will check whether or not your product can be realized as requested and pinpoint areas where adjustments may be necessary – always with the aim of guaranteeing you the best product, in accordance with your requirements. You will receive the results of the analysis quickly: within 48 hours. Subsequently, we will create a detailed offer to match your product, on average within seven days.

We are able to produce suitable tools in only 6–8 weeks. You will receive the first prototype components as soon as the tools are ready. Thanks to our comprehensive, efficient planning before we create the tools and prototypes, as a rule, we only need two sample runs until your product goes into series production. At that rate, we are ready for series production in six months – we call that efficient!




Continuous safeguarding of supply

You need a reliable partner that safeguards your supply of injection molding components and assemblies continuously and for the long term – we guarantee this, even in the case of strongly fluctuating demand!

After all, you can’t always predict when exactly you will need a given quantity of products from us. Production without demand planning is not a problem for us. On the contrary: we love challenges! You can rest assured that we will always find an effective solution for supplying you with the components you need on schedule. The optimal coordination between injection molding and assembly enables us to have short throughput times, which translates into fast delivery times for you.

We continuously maintain and improve the high-quality tools from our in-house production. They enable the product cycles of our series productions to be longer than average – we call that sustainable!




Are you searching for a new production partner for your injection molding components? If so, we’re here for you and will assume responsibility for trouble-free production!


To ensure that we can quickly supply your products to you again, we will coordinate the relocation process with you within only one week. We will also safeguard the supply of purchased components.

The relocation of existing production processes typically causes many headaches. But with the right partner at your side, you can sit back and relax! Thanks to our expertise in both plastics processing and tool engineering, you can be certain that regardless of its condition, we will restore the process reliability of your tool – we call that reliable!



TKT Assembly Expertise

We assemble complex assemblies, both manually and with automated processes, from small to large quantities for special requirements. Be it diverse welding processes, screw connections, bonding or direct joining – TKT develops and produces components and assemblies using a wide range of joining processes.

Packaging & Logistics

Before distribution, we will carefully inspect your products and then package them to be ready for end users. Of course, this also includes automatically shipping the product in the corresponding customer transport packaging.

Clean Room

Production and assembly for food and medical applications. We produce components and assemblies using state-of-the-art technology.


Whether you want overmolded bushings or bushings with a subsequent screw connection, our vertical and horizontal injection molding machines give us all the options.

2-Component Process

2-component process, whether plastic or metal, through reaction.

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